Welcome to the ToscanaJ Suite

The ToscanaJ project is a collaboration between DSTC, the University of Queensland and the Technical University of Darmstadt to recreate a classic Formal Concept Analysis tool called Toscana and to give the FCA community a platform to work with.

Since ToscanaJ is a pure viewer/browser for conceptual schemas and optimized for a non-technical audience, it comes with additional tools for creating the data displayed and to offer additional, more technical analysis capabilities. The four main tools are:

The viewer/browser component
An editor for conceptual schemas on relational databases. Database-aware and offering extra tools like exporting SQL scripts.
In many ways similar to Elba (mostly thanks to shared code), Siena edits conceptual schemas that store their data in memory.
An experimental editor that is supposed to make use out of implication analysis of SQL clauses to allow very explorative and intuitive creation of database-connected systems.

With the 1.0 release ToscanaJ and Elba have reached a feature set that allows using them in concrete applications. This is a very important milestone for the project, since we expect to get a user base and thereby a lot of feedback about our work. If you use ToscanaJ and its editors, please feel free to mail any comment to the developer mailing list, we are always happy to hear about your experiences -- good or bad.

Siena and Lucca are not as advanced, although Siena is already used in some research environments. We expect Siena to be an official part of the releases quite soon, while Lucca is very experimental and might never be an official product.

Please note that DSTC can offer you professional services and aimed development around the project and that both universities maintain research activities in this area. If you are looking for support in your commercial or research activities, please feel free to ask the developer mailing list, we will be happy to give you advice how your ideas fit into the project.